The New York CERT Advisory Council

of Operation I.M.P.A.C.T. USA Inc.

PO Box 310431

Brooklyn, New York 11231


Peter A. Morici, president of our training corporation has been training the various organizations in New York City, New York State and the United States, in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Community Emergency Response Team concept also known as CERT for the last eight years. Since 1999 he has trained members of the New York City Police Department, NYPD Auxiliary Police, New York City Department of Parks, the New York Guard, State Militia, New York Army National Guard, personnel from the New York City Office of Emergency Management; various businesses and organizations in New York State and other parts of the country, and the creation and training of New York FEMA 1 CERT; Gateway Cathedral CERT; Brooklyn South CERT; Castleton CERT; Port Richmond CERT and the premier CERT unit in the United States Battery Park City CERT that now hosts over 250 CERT members. All of these teams we created and trained are now under the guidance of NYC OEM.

Recommended Program

One program we have recommended for use throughout the United States is the New York CERT Bike Unit. This unit is made up of members of the local CERT communities within the state and can be used in other areas of the United States.

In non-emergency events the Bike Units can check their communities for:

All this information is necessary for the CERT Units EOP (Emergency Operation Plan) for their community.

In an emergency the Bike Units in the absence of vehicles can be used to transport information from one area to another or, with bike trailers, transport needed supplies to active CERT members in the field.

They could also be used to assist local police at non-emergency events such as parades, marathons, bike runs and in parks.

The overall concept is excellent as the units can serve multiple functions in non-emergency and emergency situations.

Recommended Program

Another program we have recommended for use throughout the United States is the New York CERT Anti-Graffiti Unit. In non emergency situations CERT Units can assist local law enforcement with Anti-Graffiti. The members can be trained by local law enforcement as Anti-Graffiti Suppression team members for its communities within New York State or elsewhere in the United States. This concept was first created by Peter A. Morici when he observed Quality of Life issues of graffiti throughout the communities in the state.

Trained team members can be used in all areas where graffiti is a quality of life issue.

The Anti Graffiti Unit with its specially trained Anti-Graffiti Suppression team members provides CERT members with a chance to review and practice the procedures of the Incident Command System (ICS) and Operations, Planning, Logistics, and the paper work involved with sending an Functional Team out into the streets under real weather conditions to safely accomplish a goal, return to its Emergency Operation Center or staging area, and engage in a after action briefings. By practicing these operational skills BEFORE an actual emergency occurs, the CERT team keeps its skills and state of readiness honed by having a chance to resolve any issues of safety, procedures or equipment before lives are at stake.


Our Corporation Training Instructors

Our training institution, Operation IMPACT USA Inc., and its training instructors are experts in their field and were trained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and State Emergency Management Office. These instructors have also been trained and certified by the National Fire Academy; Department of Energy; the Center for Domestic Preparedness under the Department of Homeland Security in numerous other trainer courses that includes FEMA Independent Study courses we give in a live classroom environment; intermediate and advanced courses in emergency management; Hospital Emergency Response; Incident Command System and NIMS; Response To Radiological Incidents; Terrorism Planning; Emergency Planning for Schools; and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Tailored Training Programs

Our training programs in New York State as listed above are specifically prepared for the communities and businesses and we gear the individual courses based on the geographical area and environment that they work and live in.

Preparedness Programs

We believe in educating the communities in Disaster Preparedness in New York State by preparing them BEFORE it strikes. In this manner the First Responders and the local, state emergency response system have less to worry about knowing that the communities, businesses and individual households are already prepared.

CERT & Homeland Security

One of the FEMA Master Instructors that trained our lead instructor Peter A. Morici is Ms. Rachel Jacky. Ms. Jacky was recently appointed as the National Director of CERT by the Department of Homeland Security. The CERT program is now under the National Office of Citizens Corp. So the training you get is from the best of the best instructors.